with pure utterance I speak to my enter cosmos to my organs and say you are now healed from any ailments that trouble you go in peace with words a vibrational tone medicates and revitalizes my auric field with eyes closed I write to thee regulate the blood and concentrate it in the halls of my forever budding mind bring the streams together as one and make way for the arrival of serpentine power from the base of my spinal column theres the presences of Dark light that moves upward then it ignites my limbic system an next my solar plexus heating it up hotter then the streets of Texas I’m the god of my temple inside of my temple are elemental forces nuro- melanin and dark matter for whats in me is in all of cosmology I’m the god of my temple thats why I got to be careful with words they can easily be manifested even if there were unheard……………….D.D.KirklandImage


oh hear ye oh hear ye from the shiny glimmering  walls of my inter palace countless boxes of memories from eons of existence displaced thoughts on tapestry decadent rails of granite elongated around twisted highways of staircases  photons of luminous light enclaved by a trajectory of my own imagination  faint phantoms whispering at my presence around every corner is a place unexplored .infinite literary works surround me from many travels of my past days next to it is and elaborated collection of knowledge gained and knowledge still to come through one of the doors is my garden a vast labyrinth of vegetation in it is thousands of rare wild orchids that spawn there own very intelligence they sometime speak to me in reverence to the awe of creation with there subtle tones I take refuge in knowing with these ears I am like that of a deaf man but my ears is not ears of a man but the renaissance of astral sensory my nostrils our no longer in use for I breath through my very skin my eyes our no use to me for I see all of the lure of this imaginary  illusion for what it is and what will be. Matter and anti matter canceling out the greater for the greater good in my palace I have seen many wonders some frighting an some so remarkably liberating and intriguing  similar to flickering lights demons of past aggressions so vividly in clear so I clean out all of my deepest darkest closets so the filtiness disperse and trouble me no more in the upper rooms are my contemplations of intellectual views of topics beyond the physical realm with questions who do they say I am? answers seems to echo back to me as if I was trapped in the innards of the Tibetan mountains tens of thousands of feet below surface. in one of my rooms there is a lama who teaches me  esoteric teachings inside the door inside of the door theres a monastery carved from the face of great rock running next to it is a lifted ocean levitated in thin air that represent my limitless pools of desire often I’m tempted to stay in this place engulfed in its many secrets practices and theories and the guidance through untold dimensions. For now I must leave this place knowing I can return in light speed on the bi-ways of mental lay lines……………..D.D. Kirkland

fortuitous writings on the wall next too a blackened blank canvas almond colored  brushes with finely crafted points 90 degree strokes and hope’s to make it big or some where strategically placed colored schemes just like in my dreams a beautiful esoteric landscape with my hands extended freely see me I don’t know what line’s shapes and angles to write but my insides tell me that I am a god but not thee god and I’ve been giving the power to create and with my hands these brushes could dance and draw you a new fate that could eliminate your earthly sorrow. and give the hopeless hope for tomorrow we talking about creation 365 days of affirmation because we are the rulers of are enter light if you never heard of this I was sent to bring the news and wash away all of the dogmatic views….D.D Kirkland

Lost aimlessly in the vast black of space watching as vertical light beams pierce my sacred space every things  a blur with theses old humanistic eyes. The sky’s impress me with the constellation of stars. Oh words can’t explain the sight of this galactic moon. Many moons from my earthly doom I can hear the hollowing winds of these infamous black holes. Swishing in chaos inhaling every little fragment that crosses its path it has a holt of me. Taking me into itself it worries me but its like I’m trapped in a two-dimensional state. I send signals to myself to come awake. But, it seems I’m way to far lost with forgotten stars. then suddenly a sonic boom that lights up the space around me now I see vivid images of the multiplicity of light beings in camped  around me in a space within a space I’ve never projected to this place. and then I saw the face of and old spirit guide signaling for me to come deeper inside he said it’s not many who gets to enter this sacred space but I often saw you when you deeply meditate see me and you are one in the same I call out to you but you’ve forgotten your name that’s why I brought you here to our sacred space to rekindle your take of eternity…….D.D Kirkland